Monday, April 1, 2013

If They Don't Agree, Laugh At Them

Helloo0O Ladies and Gentlemen!

Welcome back to Graceland Ontario, your one stop location to learn the success lessons of the greats. Today, we're going to talk about the importance of keeping a sense of humour.

As most of you know, it's April 1st today – April Fool's Day. And, despite my best intentions to the contrary, I'm going to be nice to you and not attempt to fool you (umm... seriously).

April Fool's Day (celebrated in some countries by people playin “April Fish” on others – sneaking up on them and putting a paper fish on their back) had interesting origins – when January 1st was becoming the new-fangled official day of the New Year (believe it or not, the beginning of April used to be the start of the new year), the adopters of the new tradition would laugh at those who hadn't caught on. There was little doubt that they would eventually – why else laugh at them?

To me, it shows a great lesson – when someone or some group doesn't agree with you, take a good laugh at them. Not the people – they may be as smart or smarter than you – but at what they stand for.

It gives you perspective.

You, see many times we feel like we're the ostrich in the life boat, the only person believing in our idea, scared others will rip us apart and not agree.

But when we take the opposite viewpoint – that we're right and everyone else's view points aren't more than a joke, it give us fortitude to keep pushing on, whatever the obstacle, whatever the opposition.

Laugh a lot and see you next week!

Alex H.

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